WARCARRIER is advanced wardriving software for professionals. It is written using Perl and runs completely in the terminal. Included functionality in WARCARRIER: WARCARRIER can be downloaded from GitHUB which hosts complete installation and dependency instructions, or it can be ran directly from WEAKERTHAN Linux using VMWare Player (recommended).


WARCARRIER is designed to generate code for the Google Maps API. Some of the mapping functionality includes, Click HERE to view an actual map sample log from a scan made during the video screen-capture from above. All plotted items are dragable for heavily AP-populated areas. When clicked they will reveal information about the discovered device. Waypoints can be added to be used for marking the beginning of the scan, end of the scan, or simply just an area or item of interest.

Access Points

802.11 access points found during the scan will be plotted into the map with a small wifi icon like this, WARCARRIER AP Map Icon.. These can be clicked to reveal more information about the AP, dragged away from eachother if they are overlapping, and contain information like BSSID (MAC of AP), ESSID (name of AP), Lat/Lon coordinates, Security type, and even the RSSI (received signal strength from the adapter).

WARCARRIER AP Info Expanded on Map

Bluetooth Devices

802.15 Bluetooth device discovery is done using probe requests with a simple USB Bluetooth dongle. This captures the MAC address, Name, and is plotted along with the GPS coordinates onto the map like so:


You can plot waypoints into your map by pressing the "w" key at any time during a scan. This will create a simple BlueGhost icon with location, date and description information that can be used to plot safepoints, scan progress points, or anything you'd like. You choose the name of the waypoint! This is what a WARCARRIER waypoint looks like:

WARCARRIER Waypoint plotting on Map


WARCARRIER can troll for specific BSSID (MAC address of AP), or ESSID (name of AP), when scanning and it will log the discovery and notify the user with a siren sound and pop up message like so:


Bluetooth Spectrum Analysis

WARCARRIER was designed to show detailed and accurate Bluetooth spectrum analysis using the Ubertooth One (Great Scott Gadgets) device along with Dragorn's "Spectools". The software reads the raw output taken from the spectools tool for the Ubertooth and generates a colorful graph for different frequencies in the Bluetooth spectrum as show below.

Bluetooth Specurtum Analysis using the Ubertooth One in WARCARRIER.

WARCARRIER was inspired by the concept of a captain's helm on a aircraft carrier ship. All data and instrument panels in one place, updated individually and at a constant rate while travelling the seas of RF waves. If you are inspired by this project or would like to help in any way, feel free to email me.


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