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  • Hi Douglas my name is Ayr Müller Goncalves. Congratulations for your work, I admire Weaknetlab and the huge work you do.
    I am a new in Linux and IT but I really like to grow about this Security Informations, Pentest and everything about this.
    I really like to change informations and develop that people know your Weakerthan here.
    How do you see this idea? You are open to this? I can translate your guide and everything that you ned.
    Tell me how can I help here in my country if the answer about the questions above were positive.
    My site:

    Sincerely, Ayr.

  • hey, thank you for making this linux distro but unfortunately run unstable on my compaq cq62, just wondering are you ever going to release rtl8191se patch getting injection running?

  • I33under the rtl8191se card is not patched yet and currently aircrack has not patched this card for injection if you do a google search “rtl8191se injection”
    you will see that as of yet no one has created a patch you have been on backtrack asking the same question I suggest you buy a usb alfa card for doing wifi testing


    the rtl8187 is widely support with aircrack and all linux distros

  • I see that heyu says it is ???

    I asked a year ago as I did some searching and it lead me to weaknet as it said somewhere that it was patched i,e someone created a patch that was the only reason I asked !!

    Unless Douglas built a patch but seemly the question is unanswered
    maybe he did the guy is extremely good and is a law unto himself

    heyu says it is

    and you say it’s not

    Ill throw weaknet into vm and see if someone created a patch

    Ive since gone down the alfa route and it the best option as internal cards
    are limited in range unless you open the laptop and add an updated card and add an external antenna i.e sma connector etc etc

  • Howdy sir. Haven’t talked to you forever! Good job with all your hax0ring. I would totally buy a book if I wasn’t poor. <3

  • Hello creator weaknet I am very impressed by your distribution used many pentesting particular person but have not yet seen big congratulations for the hard work and motivation to develop weakerthan. I have a large collection of different systems each is good for something I have always been in awe of the unusual things I like to develop. He respects people who put a lot of work in the project thanks weakerthan ensure I will have the opportunity to discover the many issues pentest. I,m sorry for my language. Regards

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