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Click Here for a text file version of the changes log

Version 3.6 BETA

Full Directory listing of ISO files


WEAKERTH4N is one of the awesome pentesting distros I have ever tried. It’s still in its BETA release but the developer has done a good job for this project that some cool pentesting tools included in this distro. It is built from Debian Squeeze and uses Fluxbox as it Desktop environment. You can install this live pentesting distro using Custom Remastersys Installer. It has a lot of wireless tools unlike BackTrack 5.It has the old Android Hacking features.

~Nu11By73 via

…just released backtrack 5 and i noticed they dont have much wireless tools as they had in backtrack 4…as i said before weaknet is still always on top of every os out there, hope ur still working on ur fine project because its worth it.


WEAKERTH4N is one of the awesome pentesting distros I have ever tried. It’s still in its BETA release but the developer has done a good job for this project that some cool pentesting tools included in this distro. It is built from Debian Squeeze and uses Fluxbox as it Desktop environment. You can install this live pentesting distro using Custom Remastersys Installer. It has a lot of wireless tools unlike BackTrack 5.It has the old Android Hacking features. via


This is still BETA, so if you see something out of the ordinary, or not working, or missing, feel free to email me – WeakNetLabs[at]Gmail[dot]com

Installing the ISO onto your HDD

Simply follow the installer! Or if you still need more help, watch the video below!


new to Fluxbox? Check out the awesome Wiki!

Changes since last release

  • Built from Debian Squeeze, NOT Ubuntu
  • Added so many tools and libraries that the ISO is now a DVD Size: ~ 1.4GB
  • Kernel: 2.6.35-weakerthan-3.6+
  • Drivers updated and patched
  • Added Armitage and out-of-the-box support with PostGRESQL
  • Updated tools
  • On Screen Display (OSD && low CPU) calls for application progress and battery monitor
  • Fixed many BUGs
  • You can install the OS using the Custom Remastersys Installer
  • Debian + Airbase-NG and custom WPA-Phishing attack for EAP Phishing
  • Better proxy suport
  • JAVA Full JRE for running JAVA based *nix applications right form the Live DVD (suggestion from censored.)
  • Enhanced Firefox for Penetration testers, including Pentest Bookmarks
  • Calibre, Acrobat, and more reading software
  • Better Nautilus Integration and File associations
  • Much better scripts for DHCP, and Networking Utilities
  • Aircrack-NG Updater with custom OSD
  • Intel Wireless N devices and Monitor Mode
  • Fully working and patched RTL8187 (better support)
  • Out of the Box NVIDIA Drivers (260.x.x), CUDA libraries, and smarter checking scripts (for those who don’t have NVIDIA, with multiple xorg.conf files)
  • Updated and tested Pyrit Scripts for CUDA (Out of the Box CUDA+Pyrit Batch server, right from live DVD!)
  • Added installer cleanup scripts to remove my enhancements for running as a live DVD
  • Wireless Spectrum Analysis Software (Ubiquity AirView and WiSpy) Weblog post showing Ubiquity AirView

Wireless Support

These are the radios I have working and tested fully for WT3.6 (if your’s is not here you may need some extra configuration to get them injecting / installed. Most of them should work out of the box, no problem, even if not show in picture below, thanks to the great work my BETA testers did!:

How to’s New!


WT3.6 FAQ’s

What’s the login passwd for root?

  • Same as always: weaknet This passwd is used for everything including services, so if you perform a hard disk installation, you may want to change them!

How do I get my BCM433224 Working with WT3.6

  • This driver should be working out of the box, if you are still having issues (missing in iwconfig command) try re-installing the firmware / modules by following this guide here.

Airmon-ng locks up when I use it!

  • The Intel Centrino N series adapters have a problem with VAP’s and iw. You can still use monitor mode and inject just fine, you simply have to use “iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor” beforehand. Check the video posted above!

How do I update Metasploit???

  • Directly from the Desktop menu! Right click anywhere on the Desktop menu and navigate to Pentest->Exploiting->Metasploit Framework->Update Framework – and make sure you have an internet connection!

How do change the screen resolution?

  • Follow this guide to changing your desktop resolution, if you are not using intel or NVIDIA graphics cards. You may need to install the specific driver for your machine!

Older Versions (Including WNLA)

Click Here for the portfolio page with my older versions of WeakNet Linux and WEAKERTHAN Linux.

119 Responses to “WEAKERTHAN 3.6”

  1. dronzer says:

    where is the download link ?

    and congratulations for another good pentesting distro

    thank you for your hard work

  2. nemo says:

    Pour WEAKERTHAN Linux 3.6 BETA le téléchargement ne fonctionne pas

  3. psywolf says:

    Can’t wait :)
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. My-PC says:

    congrats! you are the best keep rocking!

  5. NSARK says:

    Its already 17:00 PM in Spain, and the waiting its killing me !


  6. nemo says:

    Bravo maestro muy bien ………….un diez(bueno el caballo te salio un poco…;) )

  7. pjsp92 says:

    Guide, to Install.. Please..

    sorry for my bad English, I am Spanish :8

  8. pjsp92 says:

    Guide, to Install.. Please..

  9. AnGeL says:

    big thx from syria

  10. papillon says:

    error grub 2 …
    when i try to install
    WEAKERTHAN Linux 3.6 beta

  11. HackerPwned says:

    Well worth the wait! Installed fine and all seems to work flawlessly, ath5k and AWUS036NH right out of the box. Excellent job trevelyn! Even got a kick out of the ThankYou menu entry!

  12. steenkypete says:

    Running live as we speak. Thank you very much!

    • trevelyn says:

      You’re welcome! If you are using it on a laptop, please test the volume control buttons for me!

      • steenkypete says:

        Volume control great on Thinkpad T42 and HP DV7. Will Scroogle, stunnel, unrar, xarchiever, make it to the final? This really is a awesome release. BT pales in your shadow.

  13. AnGeL says:

    install problem in first 2 times but at end its done ,
    nice and fast system (Android Hacking nice add),but i had problem with reboot,shutdown ….
    so i did from terminal

    Nice work

    • trevelyn says:

      Hrrm, try running the application from the terminal and see what the output is. try “” then click the buttons, it will tell you what went wrong in the terminal (2>/dev/stderr). It has worked okay on all the systems I have tested it on.

  14. papillon says:

    GRUB 2 does not seem to work with the old laptop I use a compaq nw 8000 I’ll try to see the links you give me.
    Thank you for the time you spend we …

  15. gevenux says:

    I installed the first

    With the program I made three partitions gparted and formate

    /dev/sda1/ext4…………64 gb
    /dev/sda5/swap………….1.57 gb

    then asks you where you want the install the distribution and grub, and other

    For my work 100% the installer.

    then asks you where you want the install the distribution and grub, and other

    For my work 100% the installer

    What I’m trying to fix is not updating SET framework and also fast-track.

    But the problem there is that Douglas does so, it is very difficult
    to change because you do not have all the root privilege.


    • trevelyn says:

      Uhh, you should be UID0 (root) all the time in WT3.6 The root passwd is “weaknet” if you are using another username. New features of SET were just added yesterday (command shell, etc) you should consider keeping it up to date.

  16. gevenux says:

    with the terminal / pwnt/Expl0it/fasttrack #. /

    and when you try to put everything up to date says that the directories are false

    scripts as fast and set the configuration only know
    / pentest / exploits et blab, blab blab perhaps open to modify the script to recognize all.
    Today I am a bit angry because I made ​​yesterday’s work .. the world is mired in an economic crisis ..

    ** **
    ** Fast-Track – A new beginning… **
    ** Version: 4.0.1 **
    ** Written by: David Kennedy (ReL1K) **
    ** Lead Developer: Joey Furr (j0fer) **
    ** **
    ** **

    Fast-Track Main Menu:

    1. Fast-Track Updates
    2. Autopwn Automation
    3. Nmap Scripting Engine
    4. Microsoft SQL Tools
    5. Mass Client-Side Attack
    6. Exploits
    7. Binary to Hex Payload Converter
    8. Payload Generator
    9. Fast-Track Tutorials
    10. Fast-Track Changelog
    11. Fast-Track Credits
    12. Exit Fast-Track

    Enter the number: 1

    ** **
    ** Fast-Track – A new beginning… **
    ** Version: 4.0.1 **
    ** Written by: David Kennedy (ReL1K) **
    ** Lead Developer: Joey Furr (j0fer) **
    ** **
    ** **

    Fast-Track Update Menu:

    1. Update Fast-Track
    2. Metasploit 3 Update
    3. Update Exploit-DB Exploits
    4. Update Gerix Wifi Cracker NG
    5. Update Social-Engineer Toolkt


    • trevelyn says:

      When I installed, and configured, it I set the directories right. I only tested the web gui part. You can update it using svn. “cd /pwnt/Expl0it/fasttrack && svn update” should do it.

  17. gevenux says:

    The truth is that Douglas has done a good job with this distribution.
    Well even if the horse does not look like a superhero horse.
    It seems like he does not give enough to eat
    Just kidding ……… but do something to it.
    How will we know the Europeans know much about horses .

  18. Dronzer says:

    best distro :-)
    now me and my students uses it as priority distro and secondary BT
    thank you for nice work.
    can u add W3AF in final ? it will be a nice addition to the distro.

  19. gevenux says:

    I created new directories pending a solution of the master and is so >>>>>

    /pentest/exploits# ls

    archive.tar.bz2 fasttrack framework3 SET
    archive.tar.bz2.1 files.csv platforms update_exploitdb
    the trouble is that not even pass the menu code, I mean shortcuts.

  20. gevenux says:

    I have done cd / pwnt/Expl0it/fasttrack & & svn update “and now works at 100 thanks Sir.
    why not ride a school on line with diploma or certificate at the end ,gaining a bit you could have thousands of people at one online and that’s not a lot of work

  21. psywolf says:

    Can you please add the promised link to the Guide?
    “How do change the screen resolution?”

    Thanks, you rock! :)

  22. HackerPwned says:

    Volume control buttons are working fine on my Presario F750US! Sweet!

    Also added W3af ( Just follow their install instructions for python-nltk and all works fine.

  23. gevenux says:

    would have to ask ,also have a diploma from last year’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

  24. My-PC says:

    Excellent work travelyn! but still get “uknown error 132″ for my rtl8187l drivers
    any suggestions?

  25. Dronzer says:

    website for W3AF “”
    and please can you remove h4x0r language from directory structure ?

  26. My-PC says:

    I found a little script ,i execute it with “rfkill commands”and i have
    result “wireless radio is on”it works perfectly..
    thank you very much travelyn!

  27. Dronzer says:

    ok that was because of the inconvenience of spelling a directory via shell.thank you for distro.
    and can you add BeEF(browser exploitation framework)- “” ?
    and Wxf(web exploitation framework)- “” ?

  28. necdel says:

    Looking great. Except, when i try to run Xorg -configure i get an error with i915.ko and in dmesg it says i915 unknown parameter ‘blacklist’ . I cant get a proper xorg.conf with my native resolution (1440×900) working for my laptop :( Thinkpad t410

    • necdel says:

      Sorry, the Xorg -configure error is number of created screens does not match number of detected

      • trevelyn says:

        I don’t think I blacklisted i915, but it does cause lots of issues with my development equipment. try to re-install it with apt-get update && apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel

        • necdel says:

          Still a no go. I have even tried going back to kernel 2.6.32 and completely removed and reinstalled Xorg.

          • trevelyn says:

            Okay, it’s blacklisted by Grub2. In the file: /etc/default/grub you will see 'i915.blacklist=true' simply remove that from Grub and update-grub Than you should be able to modprobe i915. Sorry, but that particular driver conflicts with my development machines.

  29. hard says:

    hi can not get to all protocols in proxy sector WEAKERTHAN.I would like to make an unauthorized test utiliy all available difficult because not all the tools we use to make distributions test protocols use the same connection

  30. ghs says:

    Magically disappeared from grub2 for no reason…

    • trevelyn says:

      Yeah everyone seems to have a problem with Grub2 :/ that sucks. You may have to mount the drive using the live DVD and chroot the / partition, then run update-initramfs -u

  31. gevenux says:

    I have ventured to make up and luxury upgrade.I do not get is configure the proxy in each test utility

  32. gevenux says:

    I think it’s because the amount of beer I do take these people that I have in my house

    and speak English like a Spanish cow

  33. Ven says:

    Hi everyone, can I upgrade from Weaknet 2 to Weaknet 3.6, because when I install Weaknet 3.6 next to other OS after installation went successful showing me only Weaknet distro in grub – I am using MBR for grub…Thanks in advance for your help.

  34. kaelman says:

    Hi could someone make a tutorial of how to configure tor for all WEAKERTHAN3 tools.


  35. jim says:

    Yeah, BT5 is an ugly piece of crap IMO. Weakerthan is far superior, especially in the looks department. Quite a few don’t like the missing wireless tools. l think their trying to push the Gerix cracker [which is their own creation, l believe]. A few complained at backtrack-linux and that so-called super mod by name of Archangel told them all the previous tools were just garbage for ‘skid stains’. He’s always been an arrogant clown with a God-Complex.
    l don’t think tools like spoonwep and grimwepa are garbage myself. is a great tool [also missing from their arsenal]. There is a new one called FERN wifi cracker which looks good.
    Good work guys, thanks.

    • trevelyn says:

      Yeah, that’s unfortunate. I met the founder of OffSec at Shmoocon in 2009 and he told me he was trying to weed out a lot of people from their forums who were assholes. I still never returned. /fuckem

      • Grant Stone says:

        To be honest, this shit from Back|Track is the reason I started looking for another distro in the first place – and luckily found this! I cannot stand their arrogance in the forums. Ask a legitimate question and they tell you either you’re too dumb and shouldn’t be messing with it in the first place, or to Google search it – however, they say they use their own kernel so not to follow other instructions that aren’t from them! Arrogant bastards. Here we have a guy who loves his community and is willing to help them as much as he humanly can. Many, many thanks from your community.

  36. orgassembly says:

    I love weakerthan linux! I have tried many different pentesting distros (backtrack, blackbuntu, gnacktrack, etc.) and weakerthan has been the most fun & wifi friendly distro I’ve used. Thank you and please, keep up the good work!

  37. Jamil_arif says:

    Good work on wpa.

  38. rustygates says:

    live usb install using running off it now, long story on the dvd burner and me being cheap nice distro btw havnt had time to play with everything but looks good

  39. Grant Stone says:

    Another damn good release from WeakNet Labs. Keep up the good work man. Still following your work. ^_^

  40. anon says:

    can i get a complete list of tools installed in this release….

  41. [...] Source: [...]

  42. Grant Stone says:

    Any word on when the final will be released?
    Curious because I’m using Sabayon right now, and don’t want to switch until the final is out – it seems to be my luck that whenever I install a “beta” the final comes out a week later.

    • trevelyn says:

      I’d say not for a least another few months. I have a lot going and I am actually going through the process of moving on August first. My things are all still in boxes from my divorce a few months ago and I left my CUDA servers in her basement so would have to obtain those soon too. Sorry about that! I’d say install it and I will most liekly keep the same kernel for the OS since it works well with AUFS and the discs and the mac80211 stack. I can simply code an updater script that those people who which to have akl the new features can run.


  43. amit says:

    hi, i cant download weakerthan directly. where can i find torrent link for this..?

    • I don’t know of one (couldn’t find one in my short search anyhow) – what exactly is your issue you’re having? Works fine on this end. Have you tried using wget?
      Should work nicely…

  44. [...] WEAKERTHAN 3.6 BETA – WeakNet Laboratories 2011This is still BETA, so if you see something out of the ordinary, or not working, or missing, feel free to email me – WeakNetLabs[at]Gmail[dot]com … [...]

  45. Guido says:

    Hello I try to install it on a Parallel desktop WM but even if I try and retry I did not succed.
    It seem that grub is not installed on MBR.
    So I install it with grub – instal from live cd but it canot load root.

    Also I cannot do a update-grub after grub-install and it’ s very strange.

    In any case with grub-install it boot and it stops at the GRUB> prompt.
    here I cannot do nothing as it see sda1 as a ext2 partition and not an ext4 partition.

    Best regards

  46. [...] I’ve been lucky enough to BETA test the new pCrack Suite (which will be included in WeakerThan 4) coded by Douglas, founder of WeakNet Laboratories. Here is a short video demonstration – [...]

  47. premancampus says:

    its awesome….. im wanna try weakerthan

  48. creeyus says:

    this live cd is the only distro that i can take full advantage of my crappy old onboard gfx, and turn my resolution up to 1360×768. thats awesome. but i’d love to copy the xorg info so i could try to paste it into my chakra or mint installs and use this resolution on those too. i’m getting a max of 1024×768 with every other distro and WeakerThan may perhaps be my problem solver! but i cant find the xorg file with the resolution stuff i need to copy over. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thank you in advance!

    • meebo says:

      The xorg.conf file is no longer needed by default like it used to be. You can try the “nvidia-xconfig” command so it creates an xorg.conf in /etc/X11/, BUT! be warned, it will try to use the nVidia drivers – so change it accordingly before reboot or you won’t be able to see your screen (unless you actually have an nVidia card). Hope this helps some.

    • meebo says:

      Alternatively, you may try “Xorg -configure” after killing any X sessions (i.e.: gdm, kdm, xdm, etc.) which should generate a new xorg.conf based on the hardware it recognizes. Possibly “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” could be another solution (although is may change from the way things were originally set)?

  49. s1acker says:

    Good job sir.

  50. Edu says:

    seems to be no more versions of WEAKERTHAN

    it’s a shame *–*

    • meebo says:

      WT4 is in development. Not sure the status other than that – trevelyn will have more information. But WT distro is not dead! More to come. Taking some time cause he’s also working on new tools for it.

  51. N0Sark0 says:

    Hello, is that this distribution is still downloading?
    If so, how found?
    I am in France and I try to download a 19 h PM French time but I came across a 404 ‘(
    Thank you in advance for your answers.
    And sorry for my poor English ….

  52. gevenux says:

    Hello Maestro,como estas?;where is evilgrade ?,it’s not …no lo encuentro :)

  53. fix says:


  54. Kurt Prante says:

    Nice blog, thanks for that valuable informations. I also made my own setup for HTPC and it’s working like a charme, using multi-boot system Ubuntu and Windows 64-bit (MCE) with a Mystique SaTiX-S2 Dual Sky Xpress DVB-card

  55. DzPhoeniX says:

    Help Me Please the “startx” comande don’t work in virtuel machine

    “Coudn’t find cookies….” Thanks in advance

  56. dronzer says:

    just seen the new wt4 awesome bro keep on going

  57. Anonymous-x says:

    a question i like what you have created . i was going to ask i notice the Android hacking tab . can one ask for the Resource so that i can add on my system as well ? some what curious to see how it will work . thanks in advance

  58. Did you know they now sell ID Card Kits on amazon?

  59. chaitanya says:

    what is the default login username and password for it??

  60. prometheus says:

    Hey, the download image link isn’t there.
    You can’t click on ‘CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD’…
    …and it’s not an anchor error either, the source code for the site
    shows that no one even linked it!

    Would someone mind fixing the download link?

  61. 3Dtip says:

    Hi, and the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530/4570 (Lenovo) will be working, if set up Special driver? And you have Russian localization for this OS?P.S. I myself am from Russia, like your OS, I want to put on the hard drive

    • trevelyn says:

      sorry, it’s only in english for now. I would like to have other locales, but I have little time. You can definitely use ATI drivers with this linux, it’s back-bone is simple Debian 6. :)

  62. confused says:

    what mode GUI warcarier os startx ?? not work eroor driver nividia xorg patal ??

    • trevelyn says:

      that’s just an alpha disk. i wouldn’t recommend using that ISO. The beta has yet to be released. if you do not own an nvidia adpater you can simply do “echo ”>/etc/x11/xorg.conf” in the live disk use the generic vga drivers in the wc kernel. then simply do “startx”

  63. bigdad1e says:

    I am having issues installing rltk 8188ce drivers. ive followed everything ive seen on google. does anyone have a way that works?

  64. vaktor says:

    heloo. am downloading now its look amazing .

  65. vaktor says:

    i have issues to connect to my router even if i use alfa

    when i search i dont find anything > sorry about my poor english

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