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My CD and Audio MP3 Album are now available on Amazon. This is a collection of songs that I made over the past few months while reminiscing about old times. I loved making Sewer Punk and through persuasion from a few friends, I decided to make a new album. if you get a chance, drop by and listen to the samples on Amazon and let me know what you think!

Sewer Punk (2009)

Self Titled Track (Sewer Punk)
Full Album in ZIP Format
Rogue Scavenger Hacker Survivor – Gated Mix
Test Line Reprise – Welcome to WeakNet Laboratories
Winter Comes Back

Please Check the Number (2007 Full Album)

BlackHat Life
TeleDATU Boogie
Mellow Cactus – Drunk Mix (Featuring MC Router)
Jungle Landline Boogie!
Payphone unser a Street Lamp
Phone Dreaming
PLA Radio is one three three seven
WiFi Hacker!


Fake Out (for RTF)
Hospital – I Feel
Legend of Zelda – Link’s Rage (remix of “Choose File” song)
Rain in my Wine – Please Don’t forget Me
RBCP on PLA Radio Theme Song
Sarah Conner Theme (Long Mix – DJ Boo!)
The Ballad of the PLA Forums
Too Far From My Pillow
Hackers VS. Trainspotting
Wayne Grimm Theme Song
Where Have You Been??

Inner City HOPE (Full Album in ZIP format)


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