Thank you all for the supportive Emails, I really do appreciate your enthusiasm! :)

I had a free day today and decided to re-begin development for WeakNet Linux – WEAKERTHAN 3. First I grabbed Debian Squeeze (which for some reason I keep calling “Cheese”) minimal, rm’ed the initial work I did with Ubuntu, and removed even more junk. I got a nice compiled kernel (WT3) from version 2.6.36. I patched it all up for packet injection/fragmentation/channel hopping, etc for wireless radios and tested it; all is good! I had to downgrade Libevent for Fragroute to install properly. Libevent dropped a few functions I that were needed by Fragroute to compile correctly, like event_gotsig and event_sigcb.

I installed CUDA libraries and binaries, Pyrit, and all the python dependencies for use with CUDA. I also installed NVIDIA 260.19.29 drivers for anyone who has an up to date NVIDIA card; you can check compatibility here (actually, I found that this driver works well with mostly all NVIDIA cards made within the last few years, if it’s not listed it will probably still work). I will only offer 2 bootable choices (besides memtest+) one with NVIDIA and one with simple xforcevesa. If you boot into the CUDA option you can start cracking WPA keys instantly with Pyrit (out of the box awesomeness).

I subversion’ed the latest and greatest Metasploit (which I do right before each release as well, and include updating scripts for easy updates right from the menu) which contained Armitage, and I installed and completely configured PostGRESQL for use with msfconsole. The password, like all others in the past is “weaknet” for the postgres user. Other than that, I have been customizing and patching, configuring and gardening. I even went so far as to completely pack Firefox with pentesting add-ons!

As I stated a while back, this is going to be a large release, probably my biggest in years. So far the ISO is around 1.3GB in size with all of the tools, libraries and things I have compiled in. I even left a lot of things in the kernel for those who needed them in the past and complained about.

I will be working on this project off and on for the next 2 months or so. I really would like your input as to what else you would like to see me add. Pretend I am making this only for you and I can customize anything you want! Tell me what drivers you need, send me links, patches, etc.

Thanks, I hope you all have a good New Year!

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