Postfix, SpamCop and SpamAssassin!

Switching servers made me realize that GoDaddy actually did quite a good job at cutting out the spam from my Inbox. As per this post: I had to figure out a way to stop the spam! I searched Google for a while and found this site, which worked perfectly for me: Then I realized that this method only appends a string to the subject “[***** SPAM *****],” which is lame.

I found in my filters that I could make the whole div red if the subject contained the string. This was a little better and easier to delete the emails, etc, but I want this automated. I then ran the Perl configuration file again, and found a plugin called “SpamCop” which actually reports spam to an administrator of the spam’s source!

SquirrelMail Configuration
Installed Plugins
1. abook_take
2. delete_move_next
3. listcommands
4. message_details

Available Plugins:
5. administrator
6. bug_report
7. calendar
8. filters
9. fortune
10. info
11. mail_fetch
12. newmail
13. newplugin
14. sent_subfolders
15. spamcop
16. squirrelspell
17. translate

R Return to Main Menu
C Turn color on
S Save data
Q Quit

Command >>

This is cool! I can even set it up to automatically delete the Email. Also, this adds a “report spam” button to the options of the message while reading. You need to go Here to register for SpamCop and get a special ID value that gets associated with your Email address.

:) Fighting spam one day at a time and trying to be a good administrator.


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