pWEB’s xssPLAY Video

July 26, 2012 in Howto, Information Security, Multimedia, Programming, Systems Administration, WeakNet Linux by trevelyn

Click Here to Download the video in full resolution ~Douglas

xssPlay in pWEb Suite

July 26, 2012 in Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration, WeakNet Linux by trevelyn

xssPlay is my latest code. It will be added to the pWeb suite of tools for penetration testing web applications. xssPlay takes a url for input and scans through all GET parameters testing each one for a XSS vulnerability. If found, it will deface the website with either simple CSS, a generic image, or a specified image URL. This application is coded in Perl/Tk using the MozRepl Firefox plugin. This plugin will take a screenshot of all successfully defaced websites automatically. Click the thumbnail above to see this bad boy in it’s full glory. This way we can feed a
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Android ICS Galaxy SII Epic 4g Touch Sprint FF18 Root && Tether Infrastructure Mode

July 18, 2012 in Android, Howto, Mobile Development, Phone Phreaking, Systems Administration, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Disclaimer: This has been tested for Sprint’s FF18 ICS update for the Epic 4g Touch model ONLY. We are Not responsible for ToS’s, damages or warranties voided by anyone, anywhere, ever. EVAR. Using Ad-Hoc mode for tethering is garbage. You can’t save any profiles for automatic connection on your supplicants, you need to fiddle with the Tether application when it randomly responds with “…started with errors..check error log!” and it’s an all around pain in the ass when you have multiple supplicants that don’t even support ad-hoc – like the PSP, 3DS, LINUX Drivers for popular WiFi adapters, etc. So
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