ALPHA V2 Release

I’ve slightly updated the ISO again, and added a few new tools as well.New additions include: Burpsuite (and thus Java), Weevely, JoomScan, MTR, p0f,Fern Wifi Cracker, and a few others. I’ve also replaced the Uzbl Browser with the too well-known Firefox. I like Uzbl a lot, but I don’t like that it depends on GTK3.[…]

aCross the Internet Oceans: Cross Site Scripting for Internet Sailors (FREE Guide!)

I’ve written a new guide on XSS which includes examples, step by step, and how it works. Web applications, and web pages that produce content dynamically, require not only programming skill, but a solid understanding of information security during development. Without it, the web programmer can, very easily and unintentionally, expose the entire institution’s database,[…]