by m33b0

ALPHA V2 Release

May 25, 2012 in Updates, WeakNet Linux by m33b0

I’ve slightly updated the ISO again, and added a few new tools as well.New additions include: Burpsuite (and thus Java), Weevely, JoomScan, MTR, p0f,Fern Wifi Cracker, and a few others. I’ve also replaced the Uzbl Browser with the too well-known Firefox. I like Uzbl a lot, but I don’t like that it depends on GTK3. I will put out a “changelog” later with all improvements.Download: here.MD5: 2dc98e094a970f99c4120844349ba31bEnjoy! :)

aCross the Internet Oceans: Cross Site Scripting for Internet Sailors (FREE Guide!)

May 25, 2012 in Howto, Information Security, Programming, Publications, Systems Administration by trevelyn

I’ve written a new guide on XSS which includes examples, step by step, and how it works. Web applications, and web pages that produce content dynamically, require not only programming skill, but a solid understanding of information security during development. Without it, the web programmer can, very easily and unintentionally, expose the entire institution’s database, ruin trust with customers, become victim to phishing, and as we see here allow web page modification and expose the general public to malicious javascript code. If you read it and like it, please consider giving a donation using the PayPal donation button above to
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