UNIX/GNU Linux SUID Quick Tutorial

October 27, 2011 in Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration by trevelyn

Here I explain some system administration on UNIX’s Set User ID, or SUID with a short video tutorial after the break. In UNIX, we can have files (binaries) that can run as the owner of the file. No matter who executes it. This is called a SUID attribute. You can set a file to SUID with: chmod +4XXX file.exe I put the exe extension just to show that the file is binary. If you chown (change ownership) of this to root, it will be ran as UID (User ID) “0″ or user “root.” Here is what the file looks like
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WT4 Screenshots

October 19, 2011 in Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration, Updates, WeakNet Linux, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Here is the first screenshot from my development (Click for full sized view): ~Douglas.

Ninja Security

October 17, 2011 in In the Media, Information Security, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

One of my Beta testers hosts his own infosec training course called “Ninja Security.” I had the pleasure of taking some of the course materials (Real world Penetration Testing) and, even though they were in Arabic language, the OS, presentations, and configuration files were all in English, so it wasn’t hard to follow along at all. He attacks vulnerabilities very creatively and his presentation is very clear. He even uses WEAKERTHAN 3.6 for the WPA(2) Phishing Attack, and WiFiCake-ng! :D The Ninja Security Teams Penetration testing to the Max course is completely in English and his their latest course release.
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OpenWIPS-ng, SSWR, WPA, and SAMI

October 17, 2011 in In the News, Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Thomas d’Otreppe’s latest work on creating an open source WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) at DerbyCon: This is a good video, and his methods are creative, but all of which are some things I have been thinking over for about 2 years now. My first implementation of an openWIPS (which took me about a year to finally start coding it) was a simple script that ran from a “server” just like his: Then, after being interviewed by a security consultant, He gave me the idea to implement this directly in the router itself: What his [Thomas's] OpenWIPS-ng has over mine
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October 17, 2011 in Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration, WeakNet Linux, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

The mailing lists are compiled. The kernel is under dev. A few of you already asked about e17 and it looks like I am sticking with FluxBox for the window manager. There are still a few bugs in e17 that get under my skin and FB is super light weight. If you have any requests for software I should add, including your own, let me know! I am going by these statistics: http://bit.ly/pkeF0j for my release. Some software I have been working on fell perfectly into those forums posts, including the pCrack Suite, and this also gives me a chance
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