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Archive for September, 2011

WEAKERTHAN 4 Development

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

After much consideration, I have decided to parallel dev WT4 with other things I have been working on lately. WT4 will still be very heavily focused on WiFi pentesting with Atheros based WiFi adapters. To tell you the truth, I know all of you who are used to BackTrack Linux tend to love the RTL8187 ALFA, but to me, the drivers are just poorly written. iwconfig will not set an ESSID that has a space in it, with the older version of WT, and you cannot spoof the MAC address with Windows 7 machines, due to “driver restrictions.” If anyone can prove me wrong, please do, as I don’t like using my real MAC while using WiFi – ever. Also, the sensitivity has been gyped while focusing on the output power, and Atheros 300/400 mW adapters compare rather nicely to the ALFA. Especially when you are using high gain antennas.

This time, I am considering Enlightenment – e17 again for the window manager (if the bugs are fixed since the last release).

I would like to have more web hacking utilities for (SQL|LF|RF)i and better resources for learning. Basically what I mean, is that I have yet another itch for a better pentest distro and the ideas are starting to snowball. I am definitely going to skip a few of the larger (probably Java altogether) based hacking “suites.” This may be bad news to some, but this newer version may be far more advanced than the last few.

This is also, mostly due to all of the kind emails you all have sent me over the years and during my time with WT. I thank all of you for your feedback and it really means a lot to me. If there are any special requests for WT4, shoot me an email to the address in the banner image above (my Gmail). Thanks and that’s all for now. No release date yet and I will be making a cal for BETA testers when I get around to spinning the ISOs. — I still need to acquire a system to use for development, and WiFi equipment for testing.