Local File Inclusion Hacking

August 23, 2011 in Information Security, Programming, Systems Administration by trevelyn

In this video I demonstrate how to successfully find a vulnerability in PHP code which attempts to include a PHP file using include(); Vulnerable PHP code is very easy to write. In fact, it can be used to penetrate even the strongest servers, when coded by even some of the best programmers, as things like security tend to slip their minds when time is of the essence. In the video I code the PHP to include a simple text file. Sometimes you may find during a pentest that the code attempts to include yet another PHP file too, that’s okay,
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by m33b0

WPA2 Brute Force (no dictionary list)

August 19, 2011 in Information Security, Systems Administration, Uncategorized, WiFi Hacking by m33b0

Short and easy-to-follow demonstration of brute forcing WiFi with WPA(TKIP)+WPA2(AES) encryption. This method of real brute forcing involves piping Crunch through Aircrack-ng. This is more of a “proof-of-concept” tutorial. You can find more information about different options and what they do on their websites. But if you follow along, you should be able to get the gist of what’s going on.(-meebo)

Downtime over, still broke.

August 18, 2011 in Updates by trevelyn

The amount of emails I received about the site being down was insane. Sorry if i did not respond to yours, i just couldn’t keep up. Thanks for all the great comments and support. I’ll fix the theme as soon as i can. the WPA files are in the root of this site /main/: wpa.tar.gz WPA.tar.gz If you start development on this project let me know, I will set up a sandbox and version tracking software. Please consider making a small donation using the small donate button to the right side of the page. Thanks again! ~Douglas.

Hosting will be down indefinitely starting August 10th.

August 3, 2011 in Updates by trevelyn

I am very sorry, but I simply cannot afford the huge amount of bandwidth that is needed and HDD space to host this weblog and all of it’s software any longer. As of August 10th, The site will be down indefintely – until I can find a cheaper / better host. Thank you to all who have supported me and enjoyed|(contributed to) my software! I will try my best to come back to the internet as soon as I can. The GoW app is now up to 18k downloads! WEAKERTHAN has received great feedback recently too! Thanks for all the
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