MAC Address Spoofing (the easy way)

(For defensive reasons of course! =P) Ever wonder what your “MAC address” really is? It stands for “Media Access Control address”. It’s hard-coded into your network interface card (NIC) – and is what’s used to identify your hardware on a network. Why would you want to spoof this? Say [hypothetically] you do something naughty (anything[…]

“Wi-Fi–Hacking Neighbor From Hell” Wired Article

[Source of Article] [Actual Sentencing Memo] From “Hell” ?? I just couldn’t help myself to talk about this article. This is awful. Ardolf downloaded Wi-Fi hacking software and spent two weeks cracking the Kostolnik’s WEP encryption. Seriously? 2 weeks? What did he use, wireshark and Aircrack-ng only? Kismac? LOL! A forensics computer investigator working for[…]