Wardriving is not a crime

April 25, 2011 in In the News, Information Security, Uncategorized, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Ethics are something which cannot be forced upon someone. They just happen. They result from you as an individual, your environment, and well, anything that influences you. Media, like the news, music, sitcoms, movies, and such can all have a deep effect on the psychology that goes into ethics and what decisions you as an individual make. Imagine you walk through a bar where people are all yelling at the bartender like so: man: “RTS!?” bartender: “CTS!” man: “I would like a drink, here is my credit card number! 1234-1234-1234-1234!! Sec code: 123!! expiration: 11-12!!!” bartender: “ACK!” and this is
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“HACKING EXPOSED – Wireless 2nd edition” advice for newbies

April 20, 2011 in Information Security, Systems Administration, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Well, I didn’t read this all the way through. I read through about one half of the book and realized there were too many errors and some things stated are just plain false. In fact, I saw so many, that I just started using post-it notes to bookmark them and maybe email the author, publisher or editor. Here, I will list just a few: Page 83 – The number of packets sent by Aireplay-ng for de-authentication attacks does not vary with the driver. 128 packets are sent for each number of attempts you specify. 64 packets go to the client
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Metasploit Tshirt Contest

April 18, 2011 in In the Media, Information Security by trevelyn

Well, I made an entry into the contest and some people actually liked it! So head over to: http://blog.rapid7.com/?p=6156 and make a vote! You don’t necessarily have to vote for my entry (Which is #44) but it would be nice! If I win, for some reason, I am giving the winnings over to http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/ :) It’s so fitting, I mean think about it! To vote you can post it to your Twitter account with the hash tag: I’m voting for Metasploit T-shirt design #[number]! http://bit.ly/e4wsPt #metasploitswag

CatchmeNG – WEPd – WEAKERTHAN 3.6

April 14, 2011 in Information Security, Systems Administration, Updates, WeakNet Linux, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

WEAKERTHAN 3.6 BETA Alright, now that I have more time, I am re-publishing the page for WEAKERTHAN. Lately, the most problems I have been trying to resolve via a massive amount of Emails are from Airbase-NG+WPA Phishing attack, RTL8187 will never work in VMWare, and now some have trouble using Catchme-NG the WEP ARP-replay attack countermeasure. I would recommend to those using VMWare and an ALFA, or other RTL8187 device to try VirtualBox from Oracle for your virtualization needs. Some have been trying to install WEAKERTHAN to a USB drive with persistence. I am really not sire how to do
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April 4, 2011 in Information Security, Systems Administration, Updates, WeakNet Linux, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Sorry, I removed the WEAKERTHAN project page until further notice.