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Get it here on March 15th, 2011 – Again, thanks a million to the BETA testers Vire, Blaksark, Grant Stone, Fixer and others! <3


I have the binary pre-installed to use this awesome piece of hardware from your soon-to-be version of Linux. If you bought one of these, you know how awesome they are. if you have the WiSpy from MetaGeek, I have those binaries coded by installed on the DVD as well. Spectrum analyzers can show you how much noise or other traffic is flooding every channel in the 2.4GHz range. This is no different. This device comes with an external antenna, it’s only about $69 (WiSpy is like $99 ~ $599), and is pretty damn accurate!

Like the new font? Oh, I’d like to shout out to all the BETA testers diligently working their lil’ butts of for me! Vire, BlackSark, Grant Grant, ngh0st and Fixer! <3

The Application for the Airview is amazing! I have the Waterfall voew enabled by default, but you can change that. If you click "help" you can read the full color guide from Ubiquiti. To start the app, simply plug in your device and start it from the WEAKERTHAN 3 FluxBox menu.

Click to see full size:

So stay tuned, I got Airodump-ng and GPSd playing nice together. I got even more wireless drivers installed, and I have been slowly, but surely, hacking through the BUG list given to me by my superior 1337 BETA testers.


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