Souvenirs and Frontiers

December 15, 2010 in In the News, Information Security, Updates, WeakNet Linux by trevelyn

Memories Thanks to Fix0r my (slowly coming back together after the tragedy) lab now has another INFOSEC related framed relic; a WeakNet Linux 3 Lite disk autographed and labeled by the FBI agent who investigated his hardware and software after the raid. Fix0r was kind enough to mail it to me along with an E.T.A. name tape which fits perfectly with the theme. I backed it with a cover from Linux Journal. It fits perfectly next to my WEP poster snagged during a pen test from Ethermine. :) Thanks Fix! Resources Offensive Security released new updates to the Metasploit Framework
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PhoneLosers of America Blue Box Android App Update

December 5, 2010 in Android, Mobile Development, Phone Phreaking, Programming by trevelyn

I re-coded it, get the update NOW! New Theme, and some behind the scenes stuff in the video below: GEARS OF WAR I am an addict of this game. So, naturally, I coded a countdown widget for Android for the upcoming release of GEARS OF WAR 3. :) Someone INSTANTLY copied my idea and made their own, LOL. Anyways, more to come, have fun! Happy Hacking!! ~Douglas.