Penetration Testers Rapidly Becoming Narrow Minded

Read this: He’s got some good points, but there are a few things overlooked. To write something like this post, he should have backed it up with better examples and real stats. Originally, pen testing was a simulation of what real attackers would do. Then it became more about validating vuln scan/assessment results. Now[…]

Setting up PostGRESQL for Metasploit Unleashed

A while back, people were Emailing me about postGRESQL issues and Metasploit when I released WEAKERTHAN 1.0 I looked into it, but never gave it as much time as I should have. Finding good, up-to-date documentation on installing and configuring PostGRESQL is rough. the command postgres is gone. If you find that somewhere and think,[…]

Postfix, SpamCop and SpamAssassin!

Switching servers made me realize that GoDaddy actually did quite a good job at cutting out the spam from my Inbox. As per this post: I had to figure out a way to stop the spam! I searched Google for a while and found this site, which worked perfectly for me: Then I[…]