PhoneLosers of America Red Box Android App Update

November 29, 2010 in Android, Mobile Development, Multimedia, Programming by trevelyn

Red Box Android App I released version II today. This app has about 4800 downloads and a 3.5 star rating! evilgold Jul 21, 2010 Works great! I’ve tested with several different Qwest pay phones, worked every time. It has to be a local call and you have to get a live operator to dial number, but it fools them just about every time. I found that quote just trolling around with Google today. Anyways, the new enhancements are great, new help section and two new screens. I changed the sound engine from MediaPlayer(); to SoundPool(); which has truly made quite
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WeakNet Wireless Professional Exam (for Android)

November 26, 2010 in Android, Mobile Development, Programming, Updates, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Android Fundraiser Application (Wireless Professional Exam) Well, it’s official. I have a few wireless professionals helping me create the questions for this test! I have decided to create a small watermarked certificate for those who get every question right. :) I no longer provide the correct answer after the user misses a question, but now just a link to an online reference where the answer can be found. This means to be a “pro” you will have to do a little more leg/click work! Anyways, thanks to Vladimir I have compacted my code and made the apk (Android installer application)
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Android Fund Raiser Project (WiFi Hacker Exam).

November 22, 2010 in Multimedia, Programming, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

As stated previously, I am trying to raise some money to re-purchase a Kindle DX. I will be releasing a new Exam application into the Google Market published from WeakNet Labs for $2.00 USD. My application is not a specific exam preparation tool, but a compilation of all things WiFi hacking / admin / hardware related. It has OSWP/Aircrack-NG/CWSP/CWNA/WirelessDefence/ RELATED questions added to it. So far it has a nice selection of background music, resources to online utilities and learning sites, optional sound effects, nice statistics sore keeping methods, and a secret bonus for those who are 31337 enough to
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Information Security Awareness

November 22, 2010 in Information Security, WeakNet Linux, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

I am in Hershey Pa, attending the SunGard PABUG conference. This is a conference for Banner users at university’s. Banner is a way to access data from from information systems like an Oracle RDBMS. I just got out of talk titled “The Value of IT Security” from Chris Walcutt of Advanced SunGard Higher Education. The talk was fine, but lacking one thing. Wireless security. He knew all about govt regulations and steps to take after a breach. He talked about stolen data from physical devices; phones, laptops, computers. He mentioned Social Engineering and how his firm is always granted access
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Android Developer Tips and Tricks

November 21, 2010 in Multimedia, Programming by trevelyn

Well, after he tragedy of the fire, I was really broke. I sold my Kindle DX for food/utility monies and have since deeply regretted it. So I started thinking about ways to come up with the cash to buy a new Kindle. Then I thought, “what better way to do that than to sell an app in the Android Market?” So, I went back to basics and started reading Java books, this time I wanted to get it right. I started to fall asleep and changed my mind. So then I dove right into coding… Along the way, actually I
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