SquirrelMail + Dovecot + Postfix + Linode

October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized by trevelyn

This assumes that you can receive and send Email using mailx from the command line and your MX record is setup properly on your Linode. What an experience this was. Setting up a gui Email interface was so ridiculous. I could have coded, by hand, a nice AJAX/PHP/MySQL Email client to read our mbox files after a PAM UNIX login in less time than it took to understand this procedure. Anyways, If you buy a Linode server and get your domain to point to the Linode IP, you can start up an Email server to start receiving your Emails to
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ColdFusion && MySQL vs. Oracle (self vs. self)?

October 31, 2010 in Programming, Systems Administration by trevelyn

I have been using MySQL for years now and when I started my new job I felt like I was fairly comfortable with databases. I always hear people say “if you know one language, you pretty much know them all” when talking about computer languages. This is pretty close to being true, if you stay within your class. By class I mean, don’t go from Perl to Java, or Javascript to C and think you won’t need to buy a book! There are many types of languages all with specific purposes. I cover a bunch of these in Taming the
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Back to WordPress

October 31, 2010 in Updates by trevelyn

Okay, I fixed a ton of links and re-verted back to ye old WordPress. If you find anything out of place, Email me! ~Douglas.