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Penetration Testing with Perl Published!

Published! You can get your hands on it in many places, Barnes & Noble Google Play Amazon PACKT Publishing O’Reilly Safari Books Online So far the formatting of the code looks great in all of the digital formats I have checked. If there are any discrepancies in the code, please let me know since the[…]

Catching Pink Dolphins with Libpcap via 802.11

Having trouble understanding libpcap with 802.11? Having a hard time finding documentation that makes you really grasp the concept of packet sniffing programmatically with 802.11? libpcap is the libraries most commonly used for packet sniffing and generation. Most of the best network hacking tools use it and the documentation is few and far between for[…]

Regular Expressions – hard copy arrived!

This weekend I got the actual book in the mail and I will being editing and revising it starting Wednesday after my test! Publishing date will be announced shortly after. Also, we have a new review on the last book I published RAIDING the Wireless Empire on Amazon! So if you still had any doubts[…]