Still Alive

SYN-ACK! time=3415926535898354128754127354.99/sec Sorry for the cramped schedule and lack of postings, everyone. I was contacted by a publisher to write a text/reference book on Penetration Testing with Perl Programming and writing it seems to have overthrown my free time, including time I use to post here. I also had a hard drive crash that held[…]

Site Updates

I have decided that all of the fancy CSS3 stuff had to go. It looked bad on mobile devices and such. So, I have changed the look of the landing page and moved some things around here on the site itself. All publications are in one place, all music in one place, etc. Anyone want[…]

WEAKERTH4N: Blue Ghost BETA v1.5

I recompiled the kernel with better Netfilter support and even more wifi drivers – I recompiled the NVIDIA 310 driver and compat-drivers. I added FreeRADIUS WPE, hostapd, hashcat, more scripts, and even on screen display scripts. (the WiFi one was m33b0’s idea). Also, I added more Hardware hacking utilities, Android hacking utilities, and changed the[…]

Book Published!

01.18.2013 – RAIDING the Wireless Empire has been published! Physical books Purchase from publisher: Purchase signed copy from us: WeakNetLabs/book/ eBook Version from Amazon Kindle version and physical book will be available on Amazon in approximately 12 hours. Click the image below to see what it looks like on the Kindle Fire HD. Thank[…]