Blizzard Box (Prototype) Development Video 2

July 17, 2014 in Howto, Phone Phreaking by trevelyn

For the recording functionality, I made a few global variables, boolean recording = 0; // are we recording? boolean recorded = 0; // we have a stored number char recTones[20] = {‘x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’, ‘x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’,’x’}; // don’t dial x digits. char heldButton; // which button was held. And basically listen for a long press on key ‘D’ with,   if(keypad.getState() == HOLD){ int intB = heldButton – 48; // get Blue Box element index if(intB==52){ // long press D if(recording){ playTone(2200,66); playTone(1500,500); recording=0; // stop recording }else{ playTone(1500,66); playTone(2200,500); recording=1; // save the digit pressed for(int i=0;i<=19;i++){ // reset array recTones[i] =
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The Blizzard Box (part 1)

July 16, 2014 in Howto, Phone Phreaking by trevelyn

Combination of Blue and Red box, made with an Arduino. Parts list Velleman 16 keys matrix output Project Box 9V Battery Arduino (UNO) (I used the Make version) Wire Switch (on/off) Potentiometer (volume) Speaker (I used one from old Phone handset) Push button (2600Hz Tone button) The Box design is large, (Radioshack boxes are strangely shaped), but that’s okay, this is my very first implementation. I simply used a Dremmel Tool and a knife to drill out the holes and cut the square in the box for the keypad. (not very efficient, but I have little resources.) The Keypad came
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2600Hz Box (Phreaking)

July 13, 2014 in Howto, Phone Phreaking by trevelyn

This box still worked for seizing the trunk line in Livingood Alaska years ago. It is a simple schematic that produces a sine wave 2600Hz, along with a wide range of ther frequencies. It is tuned by a B5k potentiometer, or variable resister. I have added a Phone Phreaking section to the navigation above for anyone interested in the subject enough to learn or see more. Here is the design (which could probably be remodeled even more efficiently as well): Parts 555 timer (texas instruments) switch B5K potentiometer .1uF disc capacitor 68uF (switched from 100 to 68 in the diagram
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Digital Credential Analysis

June 23, 2014 in Howto, Information Security, Programming, Publications, Web Secuirty, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Rather than write a “free” article for an online magazine, I figured I’d just put this right here on my site. It’s a simple proposal for credential analysis from leaked credentials and from those gleaned during a penetration test for more accurate, targeted credential attack vectors. I propose not only simple methodology practices as examples, but even terminologies for the practice as well. Hope you enjoy, ~Douglas

C Programming Tutorial 10

May 25, 2014 in Howto, Programming by trevelyn

Linkage and Automatic Variables There are two different kinds of linkage for C variables; internal and external. And, of course, can also have variables with no linkage at all. But, what is linkage? Well linkage refers to the life span and scope of the variable. When we went over for() loops in tutorial 7, we were using an automatic variable i. i only lived within the for() loop and the scope only allowed i to be accessed inside the block, or compound statement of it’s parent for() loop. This is an automatic variable and we say that it has no
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