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Penetration Testing with Perl Published!

Published! You can get your hands on it in many places, Barnes & Noble Google Play Amazon PACKT Publishing O’Reilly Safari Books Online So far the formatting of the code looks great in all of the digital formats I have checked. If there are any discrepancies in the code, please let me know since the[…]

Harness Unused WiFi Signals for Power with Metamaterials

I recently saw this article (http://tinyurl.com/ssrwifi) from a comment iBall made on FaceBook. First, this isn’t that new. It’s been worked on for about a decade now and founded/hypothesized back in 1968. And yeah, from 1968 to about 1999 most of the work was “theoretical.” What I am talking about is a material designed to[…]

C Programming Tutorial 7

Looping Around In programming we have something called a “loop.” It looks like the if(){} statement and runs exactly the same, but repeats over and over ONLY while the conditional portion (in parenthesis) returns false. This is good for doing repetitive tasks or checking how many items are in a list by looping through them.[…]