Harness Unused WiFi Signals for Power with Metamaterials

November 12, 2013 in 802.11, In the Media, In the News, Mathematics, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

I recently saw this article (http://tinyurl.com/ssrwifi) from a comment iBall made on FaceBook. First, this isn’t that new. It’s been worked on for about a decade now and founded/hypothesized back in 1968. And yeah, from 1968 to about 1999 most of the work was “theoretical.” What I am talking about is a material designed to “catch” electro[magnetism]. In Physics, there is something called the “index of refraction” which is measured by how electro[magnetic] energy changes velocity in a new material. A simple example of refraction is in the case of light into glass or water. Have you ever seen a
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InfoSec Institute Interview

April 4, 2013 in 802.11, In the Media, In the News, Information Security, Recognition, Web Secuirty, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

Recently I was interviewed about WNL by Jay Turla from the InfoSec Institute. If you are new here and wanna read about the beginnings of WNL, check it out: ~Douglas

Hakin9 IT Security Magazine Partnership

August 6, 2012 in In the Media, Information Security by trevelyn

Today WeakNet Labs has accepted a partnership with Hakin9 Magazine! Wikipedia Hakin9 is payable weekly magazine totally devoted to IT security. It covers techniques of breaking into computer systems, defense and protection methods, tools and latest trends in IT Security. Back when I was a technician for my university, I was following hakin9 magazine closely and would pick it up in the local book store. Their articles on malware analysis were the absolute most technical and thorough at the time. Disassembling exe files, network analysis of running malware, and much more, their articles took me on a long never ending
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Ninja Security

October 17, 2011 in In the Media, Information Security, WiFi Hacking by trevelyn

One of my Beta testers hosts his own infosec training course called “Ninja Security.” I had the pleasure of taking some of the course materials (Real world Penetration Testing) and, even though they were in Arabic language, the OS, presentations, and configuration files were all in English, so it wasn’t hard to follow along at all. He attacks vulnerabilities very creatively and his presentation is very clear. He even uses WEAKERTHAN 3.6 for the WPA(2) Phishing Attack, and WiFiCake-ng! :D The Ninja Security Teams Penetration testing to the Max course is completely in English and his their latest course release.
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Metasploit Tshirt Contest

April 18, 2011 in In the Media, Information Security by trevelyn

Well, I made an entry into the contest and some people actually liked it! So head over to: http://blog.rapid7.com/?p=6156 and make a vote! You don’t necessarily have to vote for my entry (Which is #44) but it would be nice! If I win, for some reason, I am giving the winnings over to http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/ :) It’s so fitting, I mean think about it! To vote you can post it to your Twitter account with the hash tag: I’m voting for Metasploit T-shirt design #[number]! http://bit.ly/e4wsPt #metasploitswag