The BlizzyB Seal of Phreakness

Captain Crunch Tweeted my BlizzyBs!

:D John Draper – a.k.a “Captain Crunch” (@jdcrunchman on Twitter) just Tweeted my plans for a Blue Box from the tutorials! For those people urging me to build a blue box, there are many plans on the web…. — John Draper (@jdcrunchman) October 17, 2014 Holy shit! He was in the original Esquire[…]

BlizzyB Sine Ed. Schematic Diagram

My Tutorials

So I decided to enter the BlizzyB and SpinnyB into the Micro Controller contest! This means that I had to write a lengthy tutorial on how to build them on their site – couldn’t just link here. After doing so, I decided to release the ProjectMF PDF file for getting up and running with[…]

BlizzyB Ocean front view

BlizzyB 3 (Ocean)

The BlizzyB Ocean. is a blue box I developed that has a personality. The Ocean adds sine wave functionality to the BlizzyB, and spoken instructions and notifications. The previous version’s playback have all been square-waves which work perfectly fine with switches and ProjectMF switches. The difference is that with the sine waves, it is just[…]