xssPlay Updates

Updates! I added some new functionality thanks to the suggestions of M33b0. First, the application now crawls all links embedded into pages if the ‘-r’ argument is specified at runtime. Also, you can randomly choose a new User Agent for each http request! This will severely falsify and ruin “data” in http access/error logs. You[…]

WeakerThan 5 ALPHA Release!

UPDATE 5/18/2012 : It’s been re-released. Read more here.Download page here.MD5: ed94cd61637c38f960b19f849c2b2180UPDATE 4/20/2012 :SORRY! I SEEM TO HAVE BROKEN EVERYTHING! THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD ANYMORE UNTIL IT’S FIXED!UPDATE 4/19/2012 : A slightly less crappy ALPHA has been uploaded. I took away some unneeded stuff like tint2, wicd-gtk, my personal email and password in the conky[…]

WPA2 Brute Force (no dictionary list)

Short and easy-to-follow demonstration of brute forcing WiFi with WPA(TKIP)+WPA2(AES) encryption. This method of real brute forcing involves piping Crunch through Aircrack-ng. This is more of a “proof-of-concept” tutorial. You can find more information about different options and what they do on their websites. But if you follow along, you should be able to get[…]