WeakNet Linux – Assistant v2.0 BETA!

WeakNet Labs Brings you, WNLA version 2.0 BETA! Yes, I have built this one with a more Debian feel to it. Also, I ditched the Gnome GUI and built the Enlightenment E17 GUI instead! It’s beautiful, with animated icons, right and left click menus on the desktop, a PERFECT paging system, and a beautiful zooming icon dock for applications.

I built the 1337tool up to have more features as well. I included more tools that WNL and I have coded, and things just have a much nicer feel to them.

Another cool new feature is Web Hacking Portal 3.0! Yes, I coded better PHP, which now has seamless re-directs as the credentials are recorded. If the victim has cookies already set with a session, that session too, is re-initiated, meaning, no evidence of phishing save for the browsing history 😛

Login = assistant
Sudo passwd = weaknet
Su password = weaknet2
Services Passwd’s = weaknet

Click on any of the screenshots below to see the NEW WeakNet Linux Assistant Version 2.0.

I met Rel1k while at Shmoocon 2009 and got his permission to add the new Fast-Track suite to WNLA, so in the non BETA version expect to see this! Click HERE Thanks Rel1k! It’s quite similar to WHP version 3.0, but his is built upon the Metasploit Framework. You can run exploits right from the Web interface! Very cool presentation, in fact, i like his and Zero Chaos’s so much i bought the DVD’s of them!

If you have a wireless card that the driver has not worked in WNLA version 2, please let me know so i can add it to the final version!

Shmoocon was insanely cool and i can’t wait till the next HOPE.

It is still BETA, so if you find any bugs, please feel free to email me!
douglas at weaknetlabs dot com.

The md5 is 657c4594cdb41a61a6b8de5b09208b2c for WNLAv2_Br9.iso Thanks to the person who reminded me, but forgot to say their name! <3