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“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”

Rackün Security was born in November of 2020 – my 40th birthday. I spent years ignoring the sobering realization that my previous project, WeakNet Laboratories, desperately needed to be laid to rest. I spent 14 years building that project and using that name with some amazing projects. I met many amazing people. But, even with such great impact that WeakNet Labs had on our lives, it was my first project and I could have never done it without all of you. So, technically, you are all WeakNet Labs.

I have to say, the most important thing that I have Iearned from WeakNet Labs, is that you should never be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to fail. I failed miserably and embarrassingly, many, many times, and found myself in uncomfortable positions more times that I had ever hoped. But the wins that came from the project profoundly outweighed the failures. And for that, thank you WeakNet Labs.

RackünSec is yet a new fresh start on my digital life. So, here’s to life starting. Cheers and hello, world.

~Douglas Berdeaux